Augmented Reality Workshops for Primary Schools

Augmented Reality - Digital Creator Classes for Tablets

Our exclusive iPad and android tablet program introduces students to the 'magic' of Augmented Reality (AR) taking real-world items and enhancing them with computer generated imagery.

Students make their content 3D and even 4D with the help of avatars, 3D models, animations and their own creativity.

This powerful technology allows students to create and publish their own Augmented Reality content.

This exciting and unusual class is a great way to get more value from your school tablets. This class can be run on iPads or android tablets - it is not available on desktop/laptop PCs.

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App Developer

Learn how to be an app developer and create your own smartphone apps. Whether it’s for an iphone or android you will learn the essentials of designing and programming a mobile app.

Get to grips with some key programming concepts and ease your way into your first steps in JavaScript while having fun creating fully functioning apps that you can download onto any smartphone at the end of the course.


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Child playing Kodu at ComputerXplorers Official Kodu Kup Training Partners

Programming Video Games with Kodu

Engaging primary school children in the world of programming and computing is the aim of ComputerXplorers sessions using Kodu.

Using XBox controllers as the means of programming their video game increases motivation levels and allows for rapid game iteration.

They will design, program and present their own unique video game controlling the characters’ movement, sound and vision while learning about debugging, algorithms and parameters.

ComputerXplorers are Microsoft's Official Kodu Kup Training Partners

If you have been thinking about entering this year’s Kodu Kup, but feel perhaps you can do with some help to get started why not get some training from the team at ComputerXplorers, official training partner for Kodu Kup UK?

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Minecraft in Primary Schools

Game-based Learning with Minecraft Edu

Sharpen your survival skills in our own Minecraft world!

The children work collaboratively to find ways to survive creating everything themselves from scratch using just the Minecraft blocks, their mining and crafting talents and their imagination and ingenuity.

They will work in Survival Mode which requires them to take into account resources, hunger, tools and more as they build and expand their world. Children have to explore in order to collect resources and process what they find, such as smelting ore to create metal.

The development of their Minecraft world gives children an insight into the various elements of survival, settlement and exploration in a way that keeps them constantly observing, hypothesising, testing and always engaged.

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